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How to be creative with numbers in balloon art

May 23, 2022

Hello here we are again with a new article

Today I would like to talk to you about the numbers, they are the protagonists in most of the compositions! Mini 9 ", medium 14", maxi 40 "are the most used standard sizes. We tend to use the 14 "by 35cm and the 40" by 100cm are versatile and available in numerous colors.

This for example is one maxi composition enriched with stars and moldable. It does not require the use of helium. Ideal for large spaces to be set up or to be placed in a corner where you want a wow effect 😮 🤩

Here instead we have an example of maxi numbers in helium with a bouquet of balloons with an effect that is always beautiful to look at and do not take up too much space as at the base they only have a small weight made with a small balloon filled with water.

Here we have another example of maxi number on a base but personalized is enriched with an organic effect and moldable daisy, moreover it is personalized as these balloons have enough space to be able to write or apply personalization according to the customer's needs. 🥰

Here we have instead the small table bases, here too there is room to let your imagination run free 🥳

These compositions do not require Elio as the numbers are 35 cm and therefore not sufficient to take flight ✈️

But on the other hand they last several days and can really be enriched to your liking with both standard and minishape mouldables and mylar.

Our 14 "and 40" balloons are all equipped with a hitching valve to prevent air or helium from escaping

The 9 "mini numbers will soon be included, which are not equipped with a valve but require the use of the sealer but are still very performing and a good ally for many compositions.

Here we have an example of a 9 "mini number

What are you waiting for? Unleash your ideas 💡 free your imagination, give the numbers and tag us #thecoloursofballoons 🎊 🤪

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