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January 11, 2022

Hello everyone, starting this year we have decided to include a small blog on our site, to let us know even more and to be able to keep you updated on all the upcoming news and why not on the curiosities of our sector. 

I am happy with this initiative because I believe it will give many answers to some of you on the most frequently asked questions and so let's get started right away! 

Many of you already know that we are a reality that really started with little to say nothing. In 2015, when we started, no one could ever have imagined that today we would go this far. Like all things that start in very small steps, however, the road has been winding and still is in some respects, but we are building brick by brick the castle of our dreams and we really thank all of you for making this possible. I would be lying if I told you that it is a downhill road, actually quite the opposite, but commitment and perseverance are not lacking and are accompanied  from the  your support that you show us every day, are hugs that warm us and make us understand how important is the commitment to offer you more and more and better. 

January started positive but in the wrong sense because due to covid the physical and online store is temporarily closed until January 15th and therefore we cross our fingers. I, like all the staff of The Colors of Balloons, are confident that as soon as we can return we will give our best as always and we will recover great. 

This month I would like to speak with you about the NUREMBERG FAIR 

the most important international toy event, within it there is space for the world of balloons art with the best brands from the world and in which you can admire all the trends for this year 2022.

For those who are beginners or want to keep up, I highly recommend visiting it. 

Here I leave you the link of the official page from which you can have all the necessary information.

 Among the many projects this year, one of these is certainly the increase in content on our you tube channel, we want to share with you as much as possible and therefore satisfy the request of many of you to have access to many tutorials. We will give it our all and then continue to follow us and if you don't already I wait for you!

In addition, another novelty that we are sure will appeal to many of you is certainly the publication of our online course. 

In-person courses have also been reopened, covid situation  permitting.

I remind you that for the months of February and March the dates will be published by the 15th of this month and therefore will be the only dates available at the moment. 

You can only participate with a reinforced green pass as per the decree, in case you buy a date and in your mind you should be positive and therefore not suitable to participate, just contact us at the email address and you can organize an individual course at our structure. 

Individual courses are always available, to find out more just contact us by email or Whatsapp. 

Now I leave you with a news about latex balloons.

These new colors will be added to our online shop in February 

in the measures of 5 "- 12" - 


stay connected and follow our IG stories to see color previews. 

I wish you days full of inspiration and colors! 

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